Welcome to LRBC!


 Inside you will find some things about us;  who we are, where we are, and why we meet together.  We emphasize three areas of the Christian life that enable each of us to grow  individually and corporately as a church body.



 (in the Word)

 The Word

We learn together as we study God’s word.


(in community)


We live together as we become involved

in the community of small groups.


(in service)


We serve together as one body

when we reach out to others.











Upcoming Events


Monthly Potluck Meal

Since Living Rock started in 1999 we have enjoyed our monthly potluck meals together. We stay after church and enjoy food and fellowship as a family, a church family. Please bring a main course and a side dish to share and participate in this great opportunity to get to know and fellowship with others in the church. Stay tuned for our next meal.

Sunday School

We have Sunday School classes weekly for school aged children and adults from 9:00-9:45 am! Come and visit so we can learn from God’s Word together! 

Communion and Benevolent Offering

 We celebrate communion and take a benevolent offering on a regular basis. We use the benevolent offering for those who have needs in our congregation or community. Stay tuned for the next scheduled time.




Food Cellar

We were able to provide food for those in need from July 2014-Feb. 8th, 2018 but our Food Cellar is now closed.  It has been a pleasure serving you!









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